Kacey Jordan Quick Facts

Alias: Kasey Jordan, Kacy Jordan
Date of Birth: 3/29/1988
Home Town: Austin, Texas, USA
Measurements: 34A-24-34
Height: 5’4
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Kacey Jordan Biography

Blond haired, blue eyed Kacey Jordan was born in Austin, Texas in 1988. Kacey made her appearance on the adult industry scene in 2007 when she was just 19 years old. During her first year on the adult scene Kacey starred in quite a few adult feature films which fell in to a variety of niches including lesbian, cum shots and oral.

Kacey Jordan stands at 5’4 and weighs 97lbs. Kacey’s devoted fans just adore this petite babe and absolutely love her small 34A-22-32 figure. Kacey currently has her navel pierced but she does not yet have any tattoos.

During her adult career Kacey Jordan has featured in films for a variety of adult studios including Digital Sin, Evil Angel, Lethal Hardcore, Hustler, Jules Jordan Video and Elegant Angel. Kacey has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big name adult stars including Chloe Chanel, Lee Stone, Chayse Evans, Holly Morgan, Priya Rey, Tory Lane and Tori Black.

27 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. george says:

    i`m your biggest fan ever i`m from Romania i`m so sorry that i can meet you

  2. You can't imagine how much sex we're having says:

    I saw you yesterday in the ‘Graduation Day’ video, you’re really beautiful and I don’t understand that I didn’t discovered you before 2011.

    Just keep yourself from plastic surgery and you’ll maintain to be one of the hottest in the business, as you are right now! Because you’ve a beautiful face and smile and also a gorgeous body!

    Greetings from Holland.

  3. jason says:

    Kasey, heard you on Stern. I found you very down to earth and in control of yourself. I wanted to propose to you an opportunity to have your own chef. Think about it. Anything you want, anytime you want it. The best steaks, fish, salads, entrees all at your disposal. Host a party and don’t worry about the food aspect of it. I would be interested in speaking to you about working for you as your personal chef. I’m a sharp guy, unassuming, and hard working. You wouldn’t have to worry about me getting into your personal life. I am looking to begin work on the West Coast and I thought this would be a great opportunity for both of us. Let me know if you’d be interested. It would be a great luxury to have. Ciao – Jason

  4. Theo says:

    Beautiful, sexy, attractive, alluring..just a few words that come to mind when i see you! Sad to see it took me till now to find out about you. Definitely a fan for life now..don’t change a thing about your looks at all. Perfect the way you are.

    A new fan 🙂

  5. Dan says:

    I saw you on Geraldo along with many other people. I hope you can find other avenues to follow up on. You come across extremely well for someone so young. You sound very honest and aware of what is going on. Best of luck to you.

  6. Dom says:

    You are probably one of the sexiest girls in the business and I am a very big fan. Everything about you is perfect. I would love to meet you

  7. Ken says:

    Are you ever going to market a sex toy replica? Every guy that I know is talking about it.

  8. Wallet says:

    Hi, Kacey! I adore you. I wish you were always as happy as can be!

  9. jess says:

    kacey your my favorite madel. i would do anything just to lick your pussy! dont change a thing your absolutely stunning

  10. Andrew says:

    Kacey, just wanted to say that im a huge fan of yours. You are the most beautiful model in the porn industry! A few years ago your videos helped me realize my fetish for tiny tits and flat chests! Because of you I only like sleeping with (and masterbating to lol) flat chested girls. I just want to thank you for helping me discover me lust 🙂 Hope all is well cutie!

  11. noboner says:

    Just about every porn star who turns me on ends up having a tit job! Once this happens I lose interest. It’s like defacing a beautiful work of art! Things are so bad I almost can’t get off on porn any more! The plastic surgeons are in a conspiracy with the religious right to shut down porn! Don’t do it Kacey! You’re tits are fantastic! You’re hot as fuck just the way you are!

  12. anvar says:

    Wow! Awesome pics and videos. I so want to fuck you. It would be the highlight of my life.

  13. Fly_Excess says:

    More recently, watched the work of Casey … It’s lovely! This girl – perfect! The complete absence of flaws! What is unknown sculptor carved her fragile body. I really like this girl.

  14. BigDreamer9" says:

    Hello. It would be cool if you Kacey was actually the one reading this so I’m gonna give it a shot. You are one of the most talented actresses I have ever seen 🙂 There is just something about the way you eye f**k the shit out of a camera makes me want to become a millionaire and come sweep you off your feet. Of course if a beautiful woman like you does what you do and is so freaking good at it then you probably love your job 🙂 You bring beauty and class to the films that you star in. One day I hope to get your autograph and tell you face to face that you are the BEST STAR in the industry and you’re a great sport 🙂 Well I hope you read this and I hope you have an amazing day 😉

  15. HARVEY says:


  16. HARVEY says:


  17. Denise Noe says:

    Kacey, you sizzle more than the center of the sun! Your look is enthralling and you are fascinating.

    That you have kept your natural body with perky cherry-sized tits makes you very special.

    You show that the tiny ones can turn ’em on!

  18. dreamer boio says:

    i am by far your biggest fan, i cant get enough of you id do anything in this world to meet you, u ever come over the uk and need a place let me know 🙂

    i love you kacey baby


  19. karan says:

    hi, lov your pussy, i am big fan of you, love to see your pussy having the cock inside, you have my dream pussy, really you have beaten all the bitches in the industry

  20. Mike says:

    Kacey I am definitely your biggest fan, just can’t stop fantasizing about that clit of yours in my mouth .

  21. Marty says:

    Hi, I am a big fan of yours from Florida. I was just wondering if all of your work has made you rich?

  22. Denise Noe says:

    Kacey, pink is really your color! You look absolutely spectacular in that black teddy with the gorgeous pink stockings. You also look wonderful in the little pink teddy with white polka dots.

  23. Gilbert says:

    Kacey has the biggest pussy I have ever evr witnessed on any of the porn sites.

    It is an amazing pussie

  24. Denise Noe says:

    Has Kacey changed her name to Daveney Calhoun?

    Has she gotten a breast augmentation?
    While many will like it if her boobs are bigger, at least some of her fans will be disappointed because they were quite happy with her natural breasts, A-cups as they were.

  25. Zack says:

    Gorgeous Lady… Big Fan…. Would love to have you on my stations web site…

  26. William Cahill says:

    I’m very happy you have never gone in for plastic surgery or tattoos. You have a beautiful and exciting body so don’t mess it up. You also have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. Enjoy!

  27. Michael says:

    Kacey, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you on ALS.
    Let me start by saying that I get ALL my pleasure from giving a woman pleasure, especially licking and sucking pussy, and you have the most beautiful, lickable pussy I have ever seen! I could literally spend Hours licking and sucking on your beautiful labia alone, not to mention tongue fucking you! All this without ever expecting ANYTHING in return. My pleasure would come from making YOU come, hahaha!
    It’s been very disappointing, because I’ve never seen a video of yours where I felt either the man or woman did your pussy justice by sucking it properly. I know you’re busy, and have more offers than you know what to do with, but if you’re ever interested in getting some quality, luscious licks, my email is, and I will come to you wherever you are.

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