One thought on “Kacey Jordan Strips Out Of A Sexy Dress”

  1. K.I. says:

    I’m starting to feel like a repetitive hypocritical critic, with inane commentary. Towards someone’s life that I shouldn’t even judge, for I lack in any social criteria. Therefore to place judgment on another person life style, seems uncouth towards my character as an individual. So I apologize for vocalizing my view, ideals and beliefs. It’s understandable that within a certain type of lifestyle, that expectations are set by yourself and others. So I admire any individual who stands up for their own set morals, values, and beliefs. For if the person keeps to those set standard, their character is unscathed. Which is truly hard to do, for people test those standard which we set. As long as the individual stays true, and want the best for the themselves, (But please remember not to become self absorbed in self interest.) everything in life will be more rewarding. Still, all life’s test (realistically or symbolically) will still be present, but won’t be as difficult.

    Yet I find it odd, how there seems to be this cruel inside joke within your work. Where men run up and ejaculate on girls, for reason that are unknown to me; And then the girls have sex with them. Maybe I’m out of the loop towards the latest copulation procedures? I find the literal pornography towards humiliating or disgracing a girl, to be vulgarly unbearable. I have to be honest that I do watch it. It’s difficulty not to, when it’s placed to readily at the disposable use of any individual. But I still have a conscious, and choose what I watch. Sadly I’m trying to speak out for the younger audience who will depict these (abusive, humiliating, disgracing, ill-mannered) actions to be acceptable, or worse expectations. And it’s quite understandable (In the familiarity, but not in the full understanding); That anyone participating in today pornographic industry, has to go by the certain plot line’s that are and have been set by companies. (Maybe it just bad writers? Or really creepy people in the industry? For I understand how bondage and fetishes evolved to what it is today, but the actability in the visualizing of girls being hurt, disrespected, or abused without her consent seem wrong. With consent, it just open the door that the person has unresolved issue. Which is sad if someone gets to manipulate that to their own benefit, and not to the individual being manipulated. Even though knowledgeable it is “imaginatively” conjured up, by people and actors. Sadly some others might not realize that; Some might take these actions to be adequately portrayed scenarios in reality.) All in all, it would be really nice if everyone could try to make society a little more decent. But that could be the most unrealistic thing I could ever say, for everyone has a different outlook and opinions towards making the world better; For there is all those bad and good people, and all the ones in between. (Still everyone has the capability of exhibiting bad and good actions, values, and words). Yet it would be nice if everyone could choose a morally, ethically inclined action that would benefit society or this world. Just sayin’.

    I hope this make somewhat sense to you, otherwise I surely have wasted my time, effort, and energy on some pointless observations. All in all I rather hope you enjoyed reading my ranting’s. And I think, you think I’m a hypocrite for I still view those materials; Sadly the girls I watch are in those ones. Honestly I’m sorry for I probably am making myself seem like a flawless egotistical jerk, which I’m not. Yet, I still hope that you go on with your life, having set standards and values that you adhere to; Wanting the best for yourself; as well by being true and honest, to you and others.

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