One thought on “Kacey Jordan Ready To Work The Stripper Pole”

  1. Kumaren Ishvara Govender says:

    I don’t know what to do. I know asking for help might be the most unrealistic thing. I don’t even know if sympathy, or a sympathetic feeling towards my life would even be worth it. (but sadly I think after all this isolation and lack of attention, I want someone to care about me. And not want to hurt me, but someone who actually cares about me and loves me with an emotional attachment like a real family. I‘m not saying this for “look at me” attention, or people to recognize me; please don’t ever think that. I think I’m actually really this desperately lonely, that I’m willing to vent my problems to a commenting device. [I rather just you read or heard about. I‘m overly shy and have trust issues] I’m not making fun of it, it just seem so weird in social sense. This whole conversation with it seem just when I had a mental breakdown when I was twenty, and that’s it. I just got fed up with my life, the abuse, the manipulation, people going out trying to hurt me, and I just stopped being this person who was the all around guy, who could do everything and handle everything. And my life hasn’t stopped all the bad aspect still came around, because I always had those people who want to ruin my life or kill me still around, and stupidly I still was a good person excepting them and acknowledging them in my life.) I know I seem like a downer. But I really don’t have anything good in my, or anyone good. I just feel like giving up all over again. Nothing I seem to be doing seems like it worth it; or has any meaning of significance. I can’t help but be realistic, I’m a really good person, and I can do amazing things. But what’s the point when I can’t live my life and be happy. All I ever could want to have everything that summarize love in my life; ever aspect, ever event, ever action and everything that I love I just wanted in my life; to sum up I want to reach and achieve my potential in life. (and no this has nothing to do with anyone) This is what I personally wanted before that mental breakdown. And I never got it. The worse one has to be I try and strive for it, but it seems so pointless;( like I’m still fighting all those people by being just a good person.) It’s weird when you put all this time and effort into it; you create and you have it, and you disperse with it in reality. But you never really have it, you never really have obtained it yourself; it’s something you have an constant output of, but something your never really have in your life present or given to you. This sadly is all I seem to have. I don’t want anyone aspectual you to feel bad. I want you to feel happy and I want everything to amazing in your life. I think it’s just being all alone with bad people makes you feel like to reach out to anything good. It’s probably just addictive personality that just transferred. Sometimes I always do just wonder if my life was better off, if I was just better being some kind of greatly successful drug addict. Then this present waste. But I because I still have myself I always want to make the best out of it. And I can never regret helping out and taking care of someone, who is a really good person. And I definitely don’t regret writing to you trying to get my point of view across. I really do hope that I benefited your life and made it better. I want you to be a really good person. We all get put into these situation in life, but it’s all worth it when we make the best out of them. So I want you to remember that and have a good output of that, and take a good intake of it in your life.

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